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Event Guidelines

Any festival or event that meets the guidelines mentioned here can be considered for inclusion on the Visit Laurens County Events online platform. To be published, all festivals/events must provide specific dates and public contact information. Festivals/events without start and end dates will not be included. Visit Laurens County has established these guidelines to facilitate the listing of festivals/events that promote travel and tourism within the county.

These guidelines utilize the terms "Festival" or "Event" to refer to different types of gatherings:

Festivals or Events that attract tourists. These are usually major events like Squealin’ on the Square, Rhythm on The Rails, Catfish Feastival, and Mac Arnold Blues Festival. However, they can also encompass cultural or "southern" events like historic site tours and food festivals.

  • Other events included showcasing the cities and towns within Laurens County, holiday events, and ethnic festivals like Juneteenth Celebration and PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC annual Pow-Wow.

To be listed on the Visit Laurens County Events Page, all events must meet the following criteria:

  • The event location must be within the borders of Laurens County, with the goal of attracting tourists.

    Admission is available to the general public without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, age, sex, or nationality according to South Carolina law.

  • The event cannot promote gaming/gambling, nudity, drunkenness, or lewd behavior.

While we acknowledge the importance of events such as class reunions, retail specials, and civic club meetings within our county, please note that the Visit Laurens County website is primarily tailored to tourists. As such, these types of events may not be listed on our site. However, the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce provides channels of communication where these events can be published.


Submitting a festival or event does not guarantee a listing. The event contact person must provide accurate and comprehensive information about their festival/event and a digital flyer. The timely updates are the responsibility of the representative, either as needed or on an annual basis. 

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