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197 Bio Way, Ware Shoals, SC 29692, USA


Bio Way Farm is a certified organic farm with a focus on sustainable agriculture and permaculture design principles. Our 120 acres offer a mix of cultivated fields with row crops, preserved forests, a native plant nursery and a 5 acre lake. We sell through farmers markets, farm to table restaurant, CSA, an on farm stand & additionally offer farm tours/ nature walks. Production techniques include, cover cropping, flail mowing, silage tarping, drip irrigation, extremely limited plastic use and experimenting with no-till practices.

We view Bio Way as not just a farm but as an actively managed landscape and nature preserve. Though we only cultivate 5 acres of 120, we treat the entire property as a complete landscape in which we work to maximize biological diversity and native integrity. Holistically and organically managing the landscape has provided us with a number of benefits including, reduced pest and disease pressure, additional habitat for native organisms, increased soil health and an overall balanced ecosystem.

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