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Barefoot Acres: Adventure Farm

Group of students doing team building activity

This expansive 52-acre Farm seamlessly intertwines the realms of nature, team-building dynamics, and enriching education. Renowned for its distinctive offerings, Barefoot Acres truly stands apart from the conventional notion of a farm.

For those seeking to foster robust teamwork within their organizations, look no further. The farm provides an exceptional avenue for team-building activities that are deeply grounded in the earthy essence of the land.

Group of students doing team building activity

However, Barefoot Acres transcends the conventional classroom structure. It serves as an immersive learning environment where tangible examples of growth, conservation, exploration, anthropological studies, wildlife identification, horticultural practices, and numerous other facets coalesce into a comprehensive educational experience.

Beyond its agricultural pursuits and stewardship of barnyard animals, Barefoot Acres extends its versatility to accommodate an array of events. Whether orchestrating an intimate family birthday celebration or orchestrating the annual Fall Festival, the venue is adept at catering to diverse occasions with a touch of sophistication.

students on a fieldtrip at barefoot acres

Barefoot Acres focuses on nurturing the finest crops, heirloom produce, and heritage meats in the authentic manner they were meant to flourish – naturally. So, what exactly does "naturally" mean to them? Well, their farm, relys on natural fertilizers, enriched composted soil, and strategically planted companion vegetation to combat pests. It's a process that's close to their hearts, as the food they grow sustains not only their customers but their own family as well.

fresh prodcue-lettuce

fresh produce


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