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Meet the Owners of Great Crêpes & More

Updated: Apr 25

Check out Jimmy and Kaleefa Neely's Great Crêpes & More, situated on Main Street Laurens!

According to Jimmy, it was all Kaleefa's brilliant idea! Together, they've turned this dream into a reality, adding a delicious touch to South Carolina's culinary scene.

Kaleefa pours her heart into ensuring every bite of her creations. The love is in the crepe.

And from this mouth, I can vouch for that! But, what I enjoyed seeing most when watching them in action at their shared location with Palmetto Brothers Dispensary was their constant smiles towards each other and the staff.

Plus, the compliments they were receiving on the luscious crepes and delicious bowls would make anyone feel warm inside - as would the food.

The whole staff was beaming with happiness. Why? They were showered with praise not only by the customers but by the owners. This encouragement by all was a sight to behold.

The taste buds I have were truly satisfied by the offerings from this eatery.

Make plans to try it for yourself. Enjoy the smiles as much as I did and taste their culinary story on a plate.

 Let's #gotoyournomnomplace, be #culinaryencouragers, and support these folks.

Interested in learning more about the stories behind restaurants across South Carolina? Find more heartwarming tales like this on my website or follow me on social media.

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