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Pet-Friendly Places You Must Visit with Your Furry Friend

Looking for some cool places to take your pet?

We're all about soaking up quality time with our furry besties, aren't we? And let's face it, every now and then, we crave a change from the typical dog park routine. Well, guess what? Laurens County has fantastic spots where you and your pup can kick back and have a blast!

Places to Play

Laurens County Dog Park

Laurens County Park is pet-friendly. Dogs are welcome to join their owners on the wooded trails that wind through this popular park. Afterward, you can unleash your pooch in the fenced dog park for a game of fetch. The park is divided into two sections. Dog owners are reminded to clean up any mess that is left behind by their pups. The park can be accessed every day of the week from 8 am to 9 pm.

Bark Park at Laurens City Park

Bring Fido to the Bark Park at Laurens City Park, a local dog park for off-leash fun in Laurens, SC. The enclosed park has separate areas for large and small dogs and provides an ideal spot for your pup to expend his energy. There is plenty of shade and seating.

Dog-Friendly Patios

City of Laurens

Take a leisurely stroll with your pup in Laurens County Square! Dogs are more than welcome to join in the festivities during events. Enjoy the charm of the square together with your furry friend.

City of Clinton

Explore the streets of Clinton City with your furry companion and partake in some of their vibrant festivities. It's a pawfect way to embrace the local charm and create lasting memories with your pet!

Leisurely Walk with Your Canine Companion

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